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Create a Strategic Advantage for Your Business

Proven Marketing Tactics to Amplify Your Healthcare Practice

Expand your healthcare practice and gain new patients with enhanced patient interactions, AI automated follow-ups, targeted outreach advertising, and more!


Proven Marketing Tactics to Amplify Your Healthcare Practice

Expand your healthcare practice and gain new patients with enhanced patient interactions, AI automated follow-ups, targeted outreach advertising, and more!

The Ultimate SEO Marketing Checklist

For Medical Spas

This checklist will help you identify what is missing in your current strategy and what you must focus on next to take your company to the next level

Generate Leads & Scale Your Company

Attract fresh clientele, and amplify patient engagement through automated follow-ups and precisely targeted outreach advertising.

Let's chat to learn how to grow your practice!

Revolutionary Healthcare Marketing

Your Medical Aesthetics Practice Comprehensive Marketing Solution

Experience the impact of our all-inclusive and strategic marketing services, including dynamic websites, captivating advertising, targeted SMS and email campaigns, informative podcasts, engaging PR and so much more.

Clients who reach out to us are: Medical Spas, Chiropractors, Orthodontists, Physical Therapists, Dermatologists, and Plastic Surgeons.


Market Strategy

Transform your healthcare practice by attracting new patients and building patient loyalty.

Digital Marketing

Attract a steady flow of patients with customized Local  SEO tactics that are proven to work.

Web Design

Patient-centric "smart site" website designs that enhances visibility and improve conversion rates with AI.


Maximize innovative advertising and strategic marketing to propel your medical practice's growth

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A Strategic Transformation for Medical Practices

We elevate your medical practice to a position of industry leadership, enriching your website with unique, brand-aligned content that draws a consistent stream of potential patients while enhancing your practice's appeal.

Simultaneously, we assist in optimizing your conversion pathway and establishing accurate attribution, monitoring, and reporting mechanisms, maximizing AI to reach your ROI goals.

Step 1

Book Your Complimentary Consultation

Proven ROI from digital marketing

Are you struggling to grow your leads? Learn how we can help you drive revenue for your businesses through strategies like SEO, PPC, web design, and more. Make strategic decisions with confidence and experience the growth in leads, sales, and revenue that our digital marketing solutions deliver.

Step 2

Development & Execution

All-in-one marketing team

Experience a full-fledged marketing team with our digital marketing services, providing SEO expertise and web development to optimize your site and boost revenue. Our revenue-focused plans offer an all-in-one solution with a dedicated account manager, custom strategies, machine learning insights, ROI reporting, and competitor analysis.

Step 3

Refine and Grow

Supporting and data-driven strategies

Elevate your performance with our integrated digital marketing solution content marketing, PPC, web design—unified for seamless management. Guided by data and expertise confidence with measurable wins and transformative results. Experience strategic precision and exhilarating success, propelling your medical practice to new heights.

The Results

View Client Work

Browse through our collection of impactful website and marketing campaigns, and see the transformative impact we’ve had with our clients.

Voices of Success

Raves and Reviews

Increase profit by 75K a month!

“I had no idea how many organic keywords we were missing. With Easy As Pie Design’s help, we increased our revenue by over $75,500 by refining and focusing on our Domain Authority."

Grew from 18K to 350K+ per month!

Going all-in with an aggressive SEO and Inbound Marking campaign was 100% the best decision we made. Our business went from 18K a month to $350K+ per month!

Revenue increased by 45%!

"Our revenue increased 45% from online traffic alone! We went from 150 views a month to an average of 3,000 over the course of just 28 months."

From Zero To 25,000 Ranking Keywords

"We knew our online presence was barely functioning. Easy As Pie Design came in and drastically increased our total number of keywords ranking to over 25,000 keywords AND brought our estimated traffic value to over $275,000. This SEO process works!"

147% Traffic Increase!

"When Google decided to penalize our advertising we thought our SEO would never recover. But Easy As Pie Design not only took over all our Google communication but they INCREASED organic traffic by 147%. After following the marketing plan we are now on page #1 of Google without paid advertising."

Decreased advertising costs by 60%

"We hired Easy As Pie Design to increase our inbound marketing but I'm shocked that they have actually reduced our outbound marketing advertising costs by over 60%! By following their strategy we not only massively decreased our advertising costs but increased our revenue by $20K every month!"

Transformed how we operate

"Easy As Pie Design has transformed how we operate and maintain our nonprofit website, by removing the stress that comes with trying to do it on our own. I highly recommend Easy as Pie Design.”

Seamlessly aligned our services with SEO

Easy As Pie Design dived deep into understanding my company's avatar, and what motivates them and seamlessly aligned our services with SEO with a website with our demographic.

Passionate about helping business owners

Danielle and her team are so passionate about helping business owners! I would highly recommend speaking with her about your SEO, web design, & digital marketing needs!

How Our Medical SEO Expertise Fuels Practice Growth

SEO—the strategic advantage. While increased investment in SEO can generate more content, it doesn’t guarantee superior outcomes. Achieving top organic (non-paid) search rankings isn’t about outspending—it’s about strategic effort and dedication

Google evaluates medical websites uniquely. The impact was felt in 2019 with the “Y-M-Y-L” algorithm update—informally dubbed the “Medic Update”—which caused search rankings for many sites to plummet. Some SEO agencies remain uninformed about this update.
Medical marketing is subject to stringent regulations and legal considerations. Your agency must navigate TIHM, HIPAA, Stark Law, AKS, and CMPL to ensure compliance while optimizing results. We specialize in medical SEO, providing the expertise you need.
Google Certifications and Partnership

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Google Ads

google analytics

Google AdSense

Google Admin

Google Marketing Platform

Google My Business

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