Four Things Your Website Landing Page MUST Include

Four Things Your Website Landing Page MUST Include

Whatever page on your website that visitors land on is called your landing page. It is the first place that you have a chance to impress potential customers and possibly be asked for more information about your company. Your landing page has one job, turn visitors into consumers. This might mean they consume your content, fill out a newsletter form, or request more information about your product or services. Whatever they do, it starts on your landing page. According to a recent study, the average landing page has a 2.35% conversion rate. So, how do you create the best landing page to increase conversions? You need for key components.

So how do you set your landing page up for success in this saturated advertising world?

A Headline and an Offer

Your landing page should clearly communicate what you provide and an offer to learn more. Since landing pages are often not the home page of your website, you want the user to understand what you do and how they can benefit from your offer in the first 5 seconds. A compelling headline and tagline should communicate this immediately.

A Call to Action/Lead Capture Form

After they understand what it is you do and are offering you want to give them a call to action and a lead capture form. If you want them to join your newsletter or have a consultation make it very easy to take that next step. Your CTA should be followed by a lead capture form that gathers pertinent contact information and delivers it to your sales team, email marketing service, or whoever in your organization will be their next point of contact.

Trust Builders

When potential customers are scrolling through your landing page you want to be displaying that your company can be trusted. You can do this by showing the logos of other companies you have worked/partnered with, charitable organizations you support, reviews and forms of social proof. Social proof can be a variety of things, here is a list of other options not mentioned above:

  • Customer case studies
  • Reviews on third-party sites such as Yelp or Google
  • Seals of approval from well-respected organizations
  • Number of followers on social media platforms
  • Sharing buttons with share counts and like counts
  • Download and purchase counts
  • Listing the number of customers
  • Testimonials from industry experts

A Clear Path

You should never assume that a website visitor will be able to find the path to become a customer. When planning your landing page think about how a website visitor is viewing it. You want to create a path that is obvious and leads them to the action you want them to take. This could be signing up for your newsletter, request a consultation or simply visiting another page on your site. Whatever the goal is, make it easy for the website visitor to accomplish.

When you optimize your landing page with these four elements it leads people from visitor to consumer. When you give compelling evidence of the benefits of your product or service and then clearly offer a way to take the next step, you increase your chances that they take the next step.


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