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Executive AI Consulting specializes in guiding businesses through the adoption of artificial intelligence with a focus on executive-level strategy, equipping leadership to not just embrace but lead in the rapidly evolving technological landscape..

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Sample Project 2

Sample Project 2

Client: Client NameSERVICES PROVIDED Web Design, BrandingPROJECT DESCRIPTION: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet nunc orci cursus adipiscing. Tempor euismod augue venenatis velit ornare etiam interdum eget parturient. Nisi lacus aptent scelerisque tempus habitant curabitur...

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Sample Project 1

Sample Project 1

Project Overview Sample Project TitleLorem ipsum dolor sit amet porta curabitur. Bibendum proin leo adipiscing ipsum sollicitudin enim tortor mus risus nisl amet. Morbi sollicitudin rutrum elementum curae.A headline to highlight your process Use this space however it...

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Hi there, I’m Danielle

I bring to the table over 30 years of experience in Marketing, IT, Network design, development, and workforce leadership training.

My dedication to creating success is unwavering, and it’s a principle I apply both to my team and to all of our clients.

Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege to help hundreds of SMBs tap into extra revenue streams.

I look forward to bringing this wealth of experience to your service!

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