What is a Website Audit and Why Do You Need One?

Does your business have a beautiful website that does not seem to be converting visitors to customers? Or, do you have an older site that you know needs some updates, but you are not sure where to start? A website is a vital piece of any businesses online marketing strategy, so making sure that your site is doing the job it needs to do is extremely important. A great way to find out why your website is not working for your business is through a website audit. An audit should be completed every 12-18 months to keep up with changing trends and technologies. It is extremely important to plan these audits into your annual marketing budget.

What is a Website Audit?

First of all, what exactly is an audit? A website audit is an analysis of everything that can affect your website’s performance and visibility in search engines, such as Google, Bing, etc. It is used to provide insight regarding the overall traffic, website, and individual pages. Website audits provide information to improve your marketing and increase your overall reach and traffic.

A typical audit will include a:

●     Video consultation: This is where you discuss what is or is not working, what you need, and how you envision your business thriving.
●     Gap analysis: You will be able to identify goals, clarify your target audience needs vs. wants, and map your client’s online journey.
●     Review of user experience: Discover how your current and future clients use and will use your website.
●     Review of user interface: The process of creating a beautifully structured website while using content and sales strategies to drive your users to do what you want them to.
●     Avatar motivation: Find out what the underlying motivation for why your client behaves how they do and why they buy from you vs. leave your website.
●     Project plan: A plan that includes all opportunities and takes budget, timeframe, and more into account to optimize your site to attract your target audience.

Why do You need a Website Audit?

Your website is the first thing your clients check out when they discover your business. This means that it often ends up as of the first point of contact with a potential client and is what makes them decide if they want to know more about your services. Having an audit on your site will help streamline your sales and marketing funnels by aligning all your brand channels. It will help identify ways to bring and keep potential clients on your website to learn more about your
business and what you can do for them.

An audit will assist your business with marketing strategies and goals in a way that takes the pressure off of you. The audit will organize the findings and provide a detailed plan to improve and increase your conversions.

Online marketing is a fast paced, and always changing. Businesses need to be constantly adjusting their messaging and strategies to keep up and stay top of mind. A website audit every 12-18 months will keep your business up to date and useful to your marketing goals.


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