What to Include in Your Client Welcome Pack

It is so exciting when you sign a new client! A new project and a new challenge are always a boost to the energy in the business. A smooth onboarding transition makes for a great start to the relationship you have with your clients and that starts with a great welcome packet. Welcome packets can range from simple to elaborate and can be all digital, or something physical. The important part is to include some key pieces of information to ensure a seamless start to your business-client relationship.

Welcome Letter

Your welcome letter should reinforce their decision to hire you. It is likely they just dropped a large sum of money and might be feeling nervous, so reiterate why it was a good decision. Spend some time recapping the project and the results they will be getting. If you are providing a digital welcome packet you could also present your welcome letter as a video.

Onboarding Information

If you have things you need to receive from them to start the project or software they will need to have access to you should have a clear process spelled out. This might include things like:

  • Client Questionnaire
  • Any files/images/logins they need to send you (and how to send them)
  • Project Management Tool Information (If you use Trello, 17Hats, Dubsado, etc. and you
    need them to have access)
  • Introduce team members and provide contact info if applicable
  • Expected time frames to get the project off the ground

Business Information

This may be the most important part of the welcome pack. This one document serves to manage client expectations around your business. It should include things like:

  • Office Hours
  • Email/Call/Text Response Time

Small Gift

It is nice to include a small gift to welcome them to your business. This can be something branded, or a something as simple as a gift card. It is just a nice way to thank them for their business.

As I mentioned in the beginning your client welcome pack can be as elaborate or as simple as you would wish. You just need to make sure that it creates a smooth transition for your new client and creates a pleasant onboarding experience for you both.


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