How to Batch Your Work to Be More Productive

If you are an entrepreneur you have probably heard the term batching. It is the popular productivity practice of carving out a chunk of time to complete a certain task like content creation.

We all have a million things that we do in our businesses. Some have to be done in real time. Clients consultations, sales calls, networking events and some client work has to be done when it comes up. Other tasks can be done in advance and scheduled out and this is where you can utilize batching to be more productive.

Decide What is Batchable

The first thing you need to do is decide what tasks you can batch. Start by doing a quick brain dump of everything you do in your business. No task is to big or small. Once you have your list highlight all the tasks that you can do in advance of the due date. Some examples of tasks that work well to batch are:

  • Social Media Posts
  • Content Creation (blogs, podcasts, newsletters, etc)
  • Pinterest Management

Once you have your list of batchable items, you need to decide how and when you will be doing this work and get it on the calendar. This means creating a schedule.

Creating A Batch Schedule

There is no right way to do a batching schedule, it is totally customizable to your schedule and workflow. I personally think that planning for a quarter is the most a manageable. It is a long enough period of time without being overwhelming.

When creating your schedule decide how many days a week, month or quarter you want to dedicate to batching. Once you have that in place take each day and determine what you will working on during your batching day. For example, you may decide that every first Monday and Tuesday of the month are content creation and the last Friday of the month is for social media scheduling.

By creating this work flow you are removing these time-consuming tasks from your day to day plate and completing them all in a set amount of time. Once you have incorporated batching you will know how much you can accomplish and how much time you need for your tasks.



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