Why You Need A Online Strategy for Your Website and Marketing Plan

Why You Need A Online Strategy for Your Website and Marketing Plan

Lean management has taught us that strategy and planning is the key differentiator between proper execution and wasting time and financial resources. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that an online strategy is necessary for you to succeed. Learn why the first step in online management is actually auditing your current system.

System Audits

Having an audit completed on your current website is the first step in maintaining a website that functions at the highest level possible – both with its visibility and its functionality. An in-depth audit will provide an analysis of why your site is not generating traffic and why your sales and conversions are not improving.

Website audits are necessary to measure and improve the visibility and efficiency of your website. They can help you with your Google search ranking and increasing site traffic as well as performance. A website audit comes will give the business the opportunity to recognize what is going well and what could be improved upon.

A system audit is how you define the problems your site is experiencing as well as measuring and exploring the source of these issues; this provides you with a general outline of what steps come next.

Lean Marketing/Six Sigma

Performing a website audit opens up massive opportunities to mend and build your website while growing conversions. This lean marketing/six sigma approach has been leading us to a better market and improving relations with our clients.

When we use lean marketing, we optimize a website for client use and the user experience. Typically, this will include:

  • Statistical thinking or thinking about the aspects of the website that capture your audience or the percentage of visitors that sign up to a newsletter in its current placement.
  • High-performing teams that work on projects that directly relate to the bottom line.
  • Having a detailed approach to the problems you’re experiencing or have identified. This means defining, measuring, analyzing, controlling, and improving these issues.

You should also make sure that everyone is on the same page and supports the overall vision of the business. The process will go much quicker if you have measured goals to analyze changes and benchmarks to see when you reach or exceed these goals.

Any website can be assisted with a reliable Six Sigma/Lean marketing analysis because it examines and uses data to determine a strategy to execute. An analysis of this caliber allows you to analyze your data methodologically – and strategize a solution.

You can increase your conversions, visits and user experience because you’re able to see what you’re lacking or what is not working. Websites that are not regularly audited will continue to lose effectiveness as an arm of the companies online marketing strategy. Marketing strategy is an ever-changing plan based on the needs of the customer, so panning for regularly scheduled audits and strategy revisions should be a part of any successful marketing planning.


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