Five Things You MUST Include on Your Website

Five Things You MUST Include on Your Website​

You are moving forward with your business and developing (or improving) your website! Whether you are starting your site from scratch or improving the one you have it’s meant for one thing – to grow your business.

There are many features, plugins, and extras you can have on your website to make it look nicer, be more user-friendly, and fit into your industry standards. A lot of these things are nice to have, but not necessary. Today we are sharing the five things your website MUST contain to expand your reach and be more impactful with your site visitors.

Call To Action Above The Fold

Marketers are constantly debating whether to put the call to action above the fold or below the fold; unsurprisingly, our vote is above the fold. If you are unfamiliar with the term, above the fold refers to web content that is visible above the border when a page first loads. Below the fold refers to the portion of the page that requires the user to scroll down to view. Putting your call to action above the fold will immediately grab your visitors’ attention, boosting your conversions.

Secondary Offer

Not everyone is going to purchase your product or service right away, it might take some time and some more information. A secondary offer is something that allows you to keep in touch, such as a subscription to your newsletter or following your company on social media. Your secondary offer should be something that allows you to continue to provide valuable information that leads them down the path to becoming a client.

Repetitive Call to Actions Throughout Website

Adding multiple call to actions throughout your website can lead to 20% more conversions. Strategically placed CTA’s gives the site visitor multiple chances to take the next step in obtaining your product or service. Make sure that your repetitive call to action is the same offer throughout the site. You want to avoid confusion and keep the user thinking about the same opportunity as they are reading.

Less Verbiage, More White Space, Video, And Pictures

As much as you want to explain your product, services, and brand, sometimes less is more. Adding too much verbiage can cause visitors to get lost rather than be inspired to take the next step.

Keep your website simple and clean, and if you feel like you’re getting too text-heavy, put it in a video! Not only does video reduce the amount of text, but it allows the website visitor a chance to pause and truly interact with your content instead of scrolling through pages of text.

Focus On A Unified Message

If you don’t know exactly what you’re offering, your client won’t either. Understanding your target audience and message is essential in obtaining clients. Clients need to know what to buy, why they need to buy it and how they can buy when they are looking at your site. If you are not providing a clear path your message is more likely to resonate and convert site visitors into clients.

These five simple things are essential for converting websites. Use this list to review your current site or map out your new site plan. Adding these elements turns your site from an information resource to your companies #1 sales tool.


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