Why do I Need a Monthly Retainer Service for My Website

Why do I Need a Monthly Retainer Service for My Website

Do you think of your website as a project that is completed and checked off your to-do list? Something you only go back to when you need to add content or redesign a page? Unfortunately, this is not the case but many people think it is. They have an amazing website and then it slowly begins to deteriorate due to lack of maintenance. A website is an ongoing project and for many business owners one that is put on the back burner. Today we are going to talk about the importance of a monthly retainer service with your web design company and how that can ensure your site is top-notch at all times.

The Benefits of A Monthly Retainer

A website maintenance monthly retainer is a must-have if you want to make sure your website is consistently functioning at peak performance. Monthly retainers are set agreements of specific services between your company and your web design company to make sure that your site is maintained and improved as needed. They’re the perfect solution for companies who understand that their website is not a one and done project, but instead, need constant monitoring and updating to yield the best results. Best, a marketing monthly retainer will free you to do what you do best which is to meet the needs of your customer, without sacrificing the time and commitment to ensure your website is always working well.

The benefits of a monthly retainer are numerous, and they range from saving time, saving money and handing off a project that is simply not in your zone of genius. Typically, a retainer agreement includes the following types of services:

  • Routine maintenance and technical support/updates for your website.
  • Regular reports detailing website analytics and targeted recommendations for your business based on that data.
  • Keep WordPress CMS and plugins updated
  • Communicate with hosting provider regarding server issues
  • Minor updates and improvements to the design/content based on user feedback and testing.

Your monthly retainer also means that each hour spent working on your company’s goals is an hour that’s purposed and result-driven. Having access to analytic reports that are already set up for you and focus on your company’s needs allow you to make business decisions based on solid stats and data at any time you need or want. That information allows your company to be adaptable to your client’s needs.

Much like other services that give discounts when you bundle, a monthly retainer will most likely save you money in the long run. You’ll already have a set agreement of services that are being completed, so you are not paying one-off pricing when a problem occurs with your site. You are also on someone’s schedule, so when something does go wrong, you have immediate help to remedy the problem. When you are only hiring a web design company when something is wrong, you go into their queue and they get to your site when you come up in their project flow. When a problem with your website is significant enough this can be hugely detrimental and costly to have your site down for a significant period of time. A monthly retainer can give you peace of mind that your site will always be cared for.


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