How Often Do You need to Updated Website and Marketing Strategy

How Often Do You need to Updated Website and Marketing Strategy?

Hint – It’s every 18 months. 

Think about the technological advances you’ve experienced in the last three years. Most likely, your phone, your television, and your computer are much more technologically advanced than they were 36 months ago. That’s because technology growth is occurring at lightning speed. You might find it hard to keep up with these advancements in your business and you wonder what the affects will be on your bottom line.

With the fast rate of change and technological advancement, there are two areas that can be greatly affected, your website and your marketing strategy. To keep up with the quick-moving global economy we recommend a new or updated website and marketing strategy every 18 months. This may sound excessive, but there are some very good reasons to take this advice.

Evaluate Your Marketing Strategy

The fight to capture the attention of potential clients is an ongoing struggle. There are new platforms, new technology and new ways to reach them popping up every day. In addition to these challenges, there are so many businesses vying for the attention of the customer that you need to make sure you stand out from the pack. A marketing strategy should be created every 12-18 months and revisited and revised as often. Marketing activities that were working a year ago may not be effective any longer and you need to have a finger on the pulse of your ideal client so that you are able to pivot your marketing strategy to meet them where they are at.

Update Or Rebuild Your Website Every 18 Months

A good rule of thumb is that a site needs to either be redesigned or refreshed every 18-30 months. Usually, businesses start thinking about a redesign to solve a problem or meet a need. Some typical reasons that kick these projects off are:

  • Fix A Problem:for some businesses, an obvious problem like a decline in business or a drop in visibility in search results will trigger the desire for a new site. For others, it may be a more pressing issue like a site hack or a competing site stealing content.
  • Update the Look: Your site is often the first impression of your business. Is your site telling people your business is modern and engaged? Or is it outdated and behind the times?
  • Is Not Working Well:If your site doesn’t perform well, that’s another sure sign that it’s time to invest in a new site. This can be subjective, but a good example is if the user experience is complicated and turns clients away. That is a site that is not working well and could use some attention.
  • Time for a Change:Sometimes it is just time for a change. You have a perfectly nice site but it just does not reflect the image you want the company to portray. This is a perfectly fine reason for a redesign or a refresh.

When planning a site redesign the most important thing is keeping your site and your marketing strategy focused on user experience. You’ll want to examine your analytics and look at how visitors to your site are responding. An updated or redesigned site provided it’s done well and maintains URLS for organic SEO growth will allow for ever-improving engagement on your consumer’s part, and that’s what we’re all looking to do with successful digital marketing.

Remember that as technology accelerates, consumers are typically looking for the newest and freshest of everything they come across, and a clean, modern site with a consumer-focused marketing strategy that regularly adjusts based on solid research and evaluation is a guaranteed way to grow with the technology.


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