Why It’s Important to Trust Your Hired Team

When you reach the point in your business that you need to bring on employees or hire out projects to other professionals the biggest hurdle is finding people you can trust. Many business owners will stall their growth because they never find the right people or the have one bad experience and do not want to dip their toe back into the hiring pool. So, why is it so important to find people who you can count on?

They are Working on Your Business

When you hire an employee or another business to perform a job you are handing over a piece of the brand you have built. You are giving another person responsibility that can affect your business positively or negatively. You need to have a trusting relationship rather quickly to get the most out of the work. If you do not trust your hires you won’t want to hand projects over, which means you are still doing all the work.

They See Behind the Scenes

New team members are often privy to the back end of your business. Strategy, intellectual property, financials are shared so the team member can do their job effectively. Since a lot of behind the scenes business information is sensitive, you want to make sure you are hiring trustworthy individuals/professionals who understand professional discretion. It is also a good idea to have NDA’s created and signed if that makes sense for your business.

They Need to be Receptive to Feedback and Input

Working with a team member or a hired professional has to be a two-way street with a lot of communication. You are hiring for a job or project and the person you are working with needs to be open to your feedback and willing to listen and understand your business needs. This type of communication comes from a relationship built on trust and great communication. If you do not build confidence with the people you are hiring you will never believe they care about your thoughts, needs and concerns. Alternatively, if you have open communication with a lot of trust you can look forward to a long-term relationship that will benefit your business for the long haul.

Even though finding the right people for your business can be challenging, there is a lot of benefit to seeking out the right people and building trust. They can help grow your business faster than you can on your own and free your time to focus on the aspects of your business that only you as the owner and CEO can attend to.


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